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About Us

We are a part of non profit organisation working to bring Indians together on a common swadesi platform. We fully support and are committed to revolution through Digital India Movement.

We are a team of technology enthusiasts and experts who have years of experience working for tech giants. Our founder, Aditi Kamal is a firm believer in revolution through tech and empowering women through education.


Bolo Messenger comes fully loaded with a stack of exciting features. Join the ride to enjoy a fast, secure, 100% desi communication platform. Get instantly connected with your loved ones.

Forever Free. No Ads. No Subscription Fees.

Why switch to Bolo?


Applications like Whatsapp & Facebook not only sneaking into our messages but also influencing our viewpoints and day/today choices. Lets join hands to support swadesi platforms.

Private & Secure

Every Message is end to end encrypted using AES (Advanced Encryption Standard). Messages can be timed to get auto deleted.

Voice and Video Calls

Free video and voice call over internet. Call your friends anytime, anywhere.

Group Unlimited

Group message like a boss! Start group conversation, add unlimited members, easily include who you want and leave when done.

Free SMS

Send free SMSes to your friends and family. Get them to connect on Bolo.

1 Click Messaging

Create, customize, send - text, voice, video, photo in a single click. Want to send a quickie, we got you covered.


Tired of typing, no problem. Let's get creative and doodle. Use your finger to draw and share.