Quality Engineer

Location :

Gurgaon, India

Job description :

We are looking for experienced and skilled Quality Engineers/Testers to join our team. This is an excellent position for people who enjoy working on the full cycle of testing, both manual and automated — creating a strategy, writing a plan, creating and executing tests, finding regressions, logging and verifying bugs, and creating comprehensive historical records of testing activities are all part of being successful in this position.

Essential Duties & Responsibilities :

- You understand web services, including transport (primarily HTTP), common data formats (JSON), and standard API patterns (e.g. REST).
- You can write code in at least one language to gather data from web services and use it for your own purposes.
- Knowledge and understanding of APIs, testing APIs and authentication protocols.
- Experience with testing of native clients on desktop & mobile platforms (Android or iOS) utilizing both physical devices and running on simulators/emulators.
- Experience using mobile development tools Xcode, Android Studio, Charles Proxy, etc.
- Comfortable working with Unix and Git.
- Experience with developing against APIs.
- You are skilled at explaining technical problems and issues succinctly and clearly.
- Ability to think creatively and approach testing our APIs from multiple users’ perspectives.
- Improvisation and flexibility.
- Good communication skill.

Knowledge, Skills & Abilities :

- Work with a variety of teams (engineering, design, product management, project management, and customer experience) to design, own, and deliver on test plans for new features and functionality.
- Develop and maintain a robust library of test cases for both new and existing features.
- Design and execute regression test plans on an ongoing basis — Bolo Messenger changes frequently and rapidly.
- Be a reliable, friendly, and non-judgemental source of early feedback on new functionality and feature changes.
- Work with other members of the Customer Experience team to make sure that testing is complete and thorough before launching.
- Provide immediate feedback to software developers and work with them to improve the product.
- Communicate with the Customer Experience team to plan and execute testing in a timely fashion.
- Work with Engineering to isolate and reproduce defects across all parts of the system.
- Own the issues in your area of the code, triage and manage them in our issues tracking tool.
- Work with the Software Engineering in Test team to identify and address gaps in testing coverage.
- Become the voice of Quality for the product you work on.